28 May 2015

Still No Car and Thoroughly Fed -Up!

Today is shaping up to be a thoroughly rotten day. I am fed up of being stuck here in my little valley, idyllic though it is and I know that I should just suck it up and get on with it but I'm feeling so fed up I just can't seem to motivate myself. There is a chance that a friend of a friend has a little run-around car for sale, which I was supposed to going to have a look at today, but the friend, who was also my lift, has just disappeared for the weekend without telling me so I don't know what's happening about viewing the car. I am also mindful of the fact that if I decide to go ahead and buy the car, I have to tax it and insure it, both of which I can't do over the weekend so, things are a little tight time-wise for getting things done. Add to this the constant whine of a chainsaw and the screech of a wood chipper all day yesterday and since 9am this morning, probably for the rest of today and you can understand my frustration. 

See, I am totally feeling sorry for myself and really I need to snap out of it!

I tried to do some hexie stitching outside in the sunshine but the racket from the chain saw and wood chipper was not conducive to the creative process so after 3 hexies, I gave up and came back inside to slump on the sofa, watch crappy day-time tv and sulk!

Even this glorious rose, which appeared overnight, didn't help.


  1. I know how you feel about the chainsaw and chipper noise. Around in the neighborhood where I live most of the people don't do their own lawn mowing, edging etc. but have lawn services come out to do it. They drive up with two or three big commercial mowers and zoom around the yard area making an excruciating racket and then go around with the big noisy leaf blowers blowing away the grass clippings from the walks and driveways. Just when you think they have finished and will be off to spread their noise somewhere else, they start up on a nearby yard and you have all to go through yet again.

    Drives me crazy. They do get through it quickly but clump the mowing jobs all together so that the people who do all that for themselves have to put up with cacophony for 45 minutes or an hour.

    Just makes me nuts!

  2. Have a hug from me, plus a gin, glass of wine or cup of tea and think things can only get better.

  3. One good thing - if you delay getting a new car until June 1st, you will save having to buy tax for the whole of May and only using it for the last 2 days!