26 May 2015

Day 4, Still No Car.

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to a very lovely blog follower who lives quite close to where I live and who very kindly offered to give me a lift to go and fetch my animal feed this weekend ...... thank you so much for the lovely offer Rambler. Actually, I managed to sort the animal feed out for next month just after I found out I wouldn't have a car. I discovered that, amazingly, Amazon will deliver my big bags of dog food and that by using Amazon Prime, there is no delivery charge and a very kind neighbour will collect the rest of the things from the farm shop when she fetches her horse feed. All I have to do now is order people food each week and apart from not being able to do things like go out to the beach or go for a drive, I'm sure I will be fine. It's actually very nice down here in our little community at the moment. The weather has been quite sunny for the last couple of weeks and I have managed to cut back on my tumble drying by hanging out my washing to dry in the sun, the neighbours are being nice to each other and stop to have a natter rather than scuttling back indoors and there is altogether a much nicer atmosphere here since the horrible neighbours moved on. Things slowly seem to be getting back to some kind of peaceful existence for all of us and fingers crossed, it will stay like this for a while :-)

An unexpected bonus of not being able to go anywhere is that I find I am concentrating more on getting things done in the house and garden. I have spring cleaned several rooms, started on some kitchen blinds that I have been meaning to make, I have pottered around in the garden pulling up weeds, pruning, planting and generally enjoying the nice weather and I have even begun reading a book I have had for absolutely ages and just never got around to starting. It's all quite relaxing at the moment but I get the feeling that more than a couple of weeks of this and I will be climbing the walls. Anyway, having sorted out the car tax conundrum and booked my next lot of physio appointments for me knee, I tackled the letter to the DVLA and set off to post it having managed to rootle out a couple of stamps from my sewing tin. As I wandered down the lane, I spent a few minutes snapping some pictures of the lovely hedgerow flowers and when I downloaded the pictures from my camera I found this picture. Not technically not a hedgerow flower, I have no idea what it is but it was taken on the seafront at Looe. It's very pretty. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be? 


  1. I thinks that may well be the Scarlet Pimpernel...not the revolting frog bashing one, ahem I mean the scourge of the French revolutionaries, but a toxic member of the primrose family. Then again I could be well off target with this...

  2. Hi John, I did some Google-ing and I think you're right, thank you. I love the name Scarlet Pimpernel .... what a cool name for a plant. I might call my next chicken Scarlett Pimpernel ..... to go with the two I already have ..... Amelia Pond and Pepper Potts :-)