23 April 2015


The weather is lovely again, the sun is out and things are starting to grow in the garden. I also now have blossom on my trees. More to the point, not only do I have blossom on my apple trees "Katy" and "Christmas Pippin" but I also have blossom on my Conference pear tree. I am thrilled. The trees have been in the ground for about 3 years now and each year I have had fruit from both the apple trees but I have never even had blossom on my pear tree before in fact, last year, some of the branches went black and broke off and I almost dug it up and chucked it on the compost heap! I'm very glad I didn't, there is loads of blossom this year and I'm very much hoping for a pear or two later in the year.

Delicate creamy Conference pear blossom against the bluest of skies

Beautiful pale pink "Katy" blossom

Gorgeous deep pink Christmas Pippin blossom

I also nipped off to see my friends at the market. It's so nice to see them and I do miss my market stall but giving it up was the right thing to do in order to try and get my knee sorted out. As always, I came away with more than I intended because Bridget always has such lovely plants at such great prices that I can never resist. I bought two beautiful phlox plants for the little rockery that I'm making, a couple of "Gardeners Delight" tomato plants and a couple of "Ambassador"courgette plants to add to my growing stash of plants for this years veg growing attempt.

They joined my lovely sugar snap pea plants sitting patiently on the patio waiting to be planted. I really need to get on with it. Over the weekend I found out all my nice big buckets and pots ready to start potting them on but sadly, I need to wait until pay day to go and stock up on compost because unfortunately, there is no cash in the budget for compost this month. I did also pick up some cut-and-come-again salad leaves from my local supermarket for 99p ..... total bargain ...... they are now also outside enjoying the sunshine in a tray of water so they can have a nice long drink.

And finally, I managed to catch some picture of the cute blue tits collecting the dog and cat fluff to line their nests with. Sooooo cute :-)


  1. sweet birds and I love the pippin blossoms!

  2. hello,
    love all the blossom in your garden. spring is a lovely time.
    wish you a beautiful week,