11 March 2015

The New Poldark ..... Loving it!

So, come on everyone. On this grey, gloomy day who would like a nice little picture to brighten things up a bit? 

The new series of Poldark started on Sunday and having never watched the original series, I thought I would give it a go and see if it was as awful as the Jamaica Inn series was.

I absolutely loved it and quite frankly, 

All I can say is ........ YUMMY!

And that I want this ladies's job ..... please :-)


  1. Wasn't he . . . erm, IT . . gorgeous??? Of course, at my age, I'm glued to the screen because of the Cornish scenery . . . . .
    I did watch the first series, back in the 70s, and loved it; Robin Ellis was perfect as the dashing Ross Poldark and I wondered whether to watch the new series in case it spoiled my memories - but WOW!! I shall be eagerly looking forward to Sunday evenings from now on - for the scenery of course. Incidentally, Robin Ellis was given a cameo in the first episode - he was the vicar. That was a nice, thoughtful touch. But Aidan Turner . . . oh my!!!

  2. I'm totally watching it for the scenery too ..... honest! ;-)

    1. That's what Kay said - she wanted to paint the scenery just like the artist in the photo:) But there's a queue.

  3. Lovely shots of the beautiful Cornish coast, oh and yes then there's Ross Poldark......OMG!!!!

  4. It did show Cornwall in that lovely golden light that can sweep over the county. And yes, he's rather easy on the eye too...
    Leanne xxa

  5. Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, oooooh yum, I will be watching the next episode. This is streets ahead of the original in my eyes.

  6. Suddenly, Sundays are the very best day of the week, bar none! Formula 1 Grand Prix season starts again; the Big Painting Challenge after that and the evening brings Poldark! Yippeeeee . . . .

  7. Well just found your blog in the usual meandering way that I find others that interest me, though the picture of Mr. Poldark did cause myself to doubt my judgement for a tad. But besides the picture of his rippling torso, making me refuse a glance to compare my own bulging framework, I must say that I really do enjoy your blog and may just well tag along for awhile.

  8. hi John, lovely to meet you :-)

  9. Poldark is getting better every week. He was scything, bare-chested last Sunday. Loved the scene when he told Demelza that he loved her. Awwww.