4 February 2015

Raspberry Vodka and Smoked Mackerel Pate

Today, I have been wandering around the house trying to figure out a way to change things around. I have mentioned before that I get bored with things very easily because in the past, I have been used to moving around on a regular basis, usually every 2-3 years. When we bought this house 11 years ago, the moving stopped and for the most part I like the security of having my own house but I do sometimes still miss the packing up and the moving to pastures new, the de-cluttering and the feeling of staring a fresh chapter. I kind-of know what I want to do and I know that there are definitely things I need to get rid of ..... the piano for one. I have never liked it, no one has ever played it and in fact, the only thing it's ever been used for is displaying photo, gathering dust and putting junk on. The trouble is, it will cost me money to get it taken away so I need to come up with a way to get rid of it for free. I even tried to give it away and no one wanted it!! Anyway, while I have been thinking about where to put things and how to get rid of the dreaded piano, I have been trying to keep busy by doing a bit of kitchen wizardry. I can't call it cooking because it's not actually cooking. 

Just before Christmas I wrote a blog post about some delicious raspberry vodka that a friend of mine had brought to the market for us to try. I have been meaning to have a go at making it but never seemed to get around to it so, while pondering the mysteries of furniture relocation and demolition, I whipped up a jar of raspberry vodka. 

The recipe is HERE if you want to have a go for yourself. It's basically vodka, raspberries, sugar and about 8 weeks ..... or as long as you can keep yourself from drinking it!! My raspberries were frozen and had been in the freezer for absolutely ages and I knew that once they were defrosted they would be too squishy to do very much with them so I put them into the vodka while they were still frozen, added the sugar and popped the lid on. I will give you an update when it's done.

I also made some smoked mackerel pate. Again, the simplest of recipes which takes about 5 minutes to make. Simply buy some smoked mackerel fillets, I buy ones that are smoked with lemon and parsley but you can get peppered ones or ones without any added flavours, whichever takes your fancy really. Take the fish out of the packet and remove the skin. Then, using your hands, flake the fish and feel for any bones while you're doing this. It's easier to find any stray bones in the fish if you use your hands instead of a knife or a fork. Then, simply stir in some cream cheese, the Philadelphia type of soft cheese. There are loads of different brands and types, I use one with garlic and herbs, but that's simply a personal preference and again, you can use whatever takes your fancy. 

Once it's stirred in, add a squeeze of lemon and some salt and pepper to taste and it's ready to eat. 

Now ......... where's my hammer, it's time to get rid of that hideous piano!!!


  1. Love the sound of the vodka, I would love to know how you get on with it. I have a load of frozen berries in the freezer & if I make this it will be nice to drink with some tonic water in the summer. Hope you are getting on ok with your knee problems x