8 February 2015

An Apology

I would like to say a big sorry to Rambler, who is wondering what on earth she has done to have her comment removed from the comment section. Rambler, you didn't do anything, it's my fault entirely. I broke my reading glasses and I was in such a rush to publish the comment that I accidentally published a spam comment at the same time as publishing yours. When I tried to delete the spam comment, in my blind-as-a-bat state without my glasses, using my itsy-bitsy iPad mini, I deleted the wrong comment. Unfortunately I don't know how to retrieve the comment but now I have found my spare specs I will definitely be having a good old rootle around on Blogger to see if I can find it and re-publish it. Again ..... sorry Rambler :-)

1 comment:

  1. No worries, Kay - it was merely a suggestion that if you hadn't already bashed your piano to pieces, you could try advertising it on FreeAds or Gumtree (local one) or Liskeard and district 'For Sale and Wanted' sites. I'm guessing that after the destruction by morons of your lovely plants, you might well need to take an axe to the piano to give vent to your anger. Have you been to see them and ask why they did that? I would be fuming and really upset at the loss of my lovely honeysuckle and climbing rose. How dare they do that? Especially since they didn't cut back their own overhanging weeds. Grrrrrr!!!! You really could do without this hassle at present and I entirely agree with your wish to live away from human habitation. Have an 'UG! x