1 September 2014

Holly Berries in August!

When I went to the train station yesterday, to pick up one of my daughters who has come to stay for the weekend, I was stood waiting for the train to arrive when I saw this.

A holly bush with berries already appearing! Now, this morning, I did a little bit of research on the internet and found that a holy bush normally gets it's berries in mid autumn, not late summer as we are supposed to be now. I was amazed. You can even see that some of them are starting to turn red, this isn't supposed to happen for ages yet. I know that autumn is coming early this year because the blackberries that we usually pick at the market have been out and ripe for at least 3 weeks now but I had no idea just how weird the weather is actually being. It's as if Mother Nature is totally confused and I get the feeling that it's this odd weather that is responsible for my nesting and hibernating instincts kicking in. Having said that, the weather down here in Cornwall is turning nice again. So confusing :-)

Time for a walk on the beach I think :-)

I found this awesome piece of driftwood but sadly had to leave it behind as it was impossible to lift and it wouldn't have fitted into the car. I really wanted it though :-)

And I love the colour of the bright green seaweed against the rocks

My daughter discovering why I don't wear my Joules wellies ....... they have holes in them and have done since the week after I got them. Beautiful but useless ...... the wellies not my lovely daughter!!

My gorgeous hanging basket is still going strong.

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  1. I agree with you that there are early signs of autumn this year but am surprised to see holly berries so soon. We'll be lucky if there's any left at Christmas xx