13 August 2014

A Chill in the Air

Well, I can't believe that it's only the start of August and there is already a bit of a chill in the air. The mornings and evenings are cool enough to need more than just a t-shirt and even the days aren't as warm as they were a couple of weeks ago. Not that I mind, I find the intense heat that we had a couple of weeks ago, where the temperatures were hitting almost 30 degrees down here in Cornwall, quite difficult to cope with. I like the cooler air with a bit of a breeze and I took the opportunity of the cooler weather to go beach combing on my local beach. It was lovely. The sun was shining with a lovely breeze .... perfect for a walk on the beach.

I love the beautiful colours of the sea against the vivid green of the of the foliage. Since I bought my new camera a few months ago, I've been taking it everywhere I go and have been snapping away like a mad tourist to try and get the hang of the settings. Some pictures turn out amazingly clear and some are so blurred that it's difficult to tell exactly what they are even if I squint so until I get the hang of things, I just take a million photos in the hope that one of them will be ok. The benefits of the digital age, imagine doing that when cameras had film inside them and you had to get them developed. There is some technology I really hate, like satnavs which are just too bossy and condescending and remind me way too much of my know-it-all ex-husband and I can't stand new cars that have so many electric gadgets in them that it's almost impossible to just drive them but confess that I do love digital cameras. 

So here are just a few of the pictures I have snapped with my lovely camera.

In the garden my tomatoes are ripening and although I don't have many apples on my trees this year the ones that are there are looking delicious.

The crocosmia in my garden is in full bloom and the bees love it, you can just see a cute little buzzy bee making a bee-line (haha) for it.

I tested out my awesome zoom at Siblyback Lake watching the amazing wake boarding thingy. Great fun watching the people zoom around on the pulley and fling themselves over the jumps. Looks a bit chilly for me although I have to confess that the zoom on the camera is totally fab. 

And I finally managed to take the one picture I have always wanted to capture and have never been able to. I do have to confess though that this was more by luck than anything else and is tribute more to the awesomeness of the camera than the person taking the picture :-)


  1. Thank you Chickpea, I love it too, there were many many MANY attempts that ended up looking very blurry and out of focus so I was chuffed to bits to finally get one that at least looks like the moon :-)

  2. I know that I need to upgrade from my point and shoot camera, I was in a branch of curry,s a few days ago and looked at the racks full and left totally confused. I think that I ought to find an independent retailer who will be able to advise and then teach me how to get the best out of my purchase.

  3. you have captured beautifully the change in the season! Autumn is most definitely nudging its way in past summer!
    BH x

  4. Hi Pam there are some great comparison websites that let you put in a particular camera model and compare it to another. I found that really useful when deciding what camera to get. I knew what I wanted from my new camera like a decent zoom and wifi upload capability and I just compared cameras on the site until I found the right one.