23 April 2014

Tea Towel Cushion Covers

I'm always on the lookout for good value, nice quality fabric that I can use to make things with. It doesn't matter if it's an old shirt or blouse in a charity shop or a duvet cover that I no longer use in one of the bedrooms, in fact it could be anything. If I like it I will chop it up and re-purpose it. Last week, I nipped up to my local Aldi shop to grab some butter and milk and while I was there I spotted some lovely tea towels. They were very pretty and floral and the perfect colour to go with the two battered old chairs I painted a couple of weeks ago. At £2.99 for 3 and 100% cotton, they were also a bit of a bargain and one I couldn't pass up so I bought 2 lots. 

The pink and blue tea towels were destined to become cushion covers, the creamy white ones are beautifully soft and I am saving them to do some hand embroidered pictures with at some point. 

With the addition of some cute little pink flowers I had in my trimming stash, they were transformed into simple envelope cushion covers. I didn't even have to hem them I just stitched them together with the right sides on the outside and hey presto, 2 cute cushions. It took about 20 minutes to do both of them which is definitely my kind of sewing project .... I'm all for instant impact :-)

I also have a bit of a dilemma. I painted the chimney breast wall a very lovely, subtle, pale pink a couple of weeks ago and before I started painting, I removed the gigantic, overmantle mirror that was hung on the wall. It's really, really heavy and very awkward to put back up and unfortunately, once I had painted the wall I couldn't manage to get it back up onto the wall. So after waiting two weeks for someone to visit to give me a hand to get it back up, I took one look at it when my visitor had left and decided that it needs painting!! It's painted in Annie Sloan Old White at the moment but it needs to be brilliant white because against the pale pink it looks nasty and grubby! 

So, the dilemma ...... do I take it off the wall again and paint it, knowing I will have to wait at least a couple of weeks for someone to visit so they can help me put it back up or, should I try and paint it while it's still hanging on the wall? I don't want to break it, there are 5 mirrors in total and that adds up to a lot of years of bad luck if it falls off the wall while I'm painting it but equally, if I break it while I'm taking it down I could still be in a whole pile of bad luck bother. 

Oh the dilemma!!!


  1. I cant believe they are tea towels and such a reasonable price! Very Cath Kidston for which you would pay much more. Great idea to make cushions of them, far too nice to dry pots up with them!
    I would definitely take the mirror down to paint unless there is some way you could tuck behind some paper to catch any paint splashes.I hope you are going to post some photos when its all finished.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!

  3. this is a fab idea! and my suggestion.. live with the mirror! you'll probably get used to it!