4 April 2014

It's That Time of Year Again.

Every year, around about this time, as the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer, I get the urge to move house. This is a throwback to the time when my family and I moved house every couple of years with my husband's job. We had decided that, until my eldest daughter was in secondary school and starting on her GCSE's, we would move around the country with him because we felt it was more important for them to have a relatively normal family life with both parents around than for me to stay in one place with them by myself. Thirteen years ago, the girls and I finally settled in Cornwall, at the start of my eldest daughter's GCSE's, and it was then that I discovered that I quite liked moving house! I didn't miss the packing or the unpacking of the endless boxes but I did miss the thrill of finding new things to see and places to visit and I also loved the possibilities a new house brings, the chance to put your own stamp on it, even if only in a small way. Staying in one place, however, was necessary for the girls and now, moving house is no longer an option so I find new ways to change my surroundings. Now I move the furniture and I paint things. In fact I move anything that isn't either nailed down or too big and heavy to move and I paint anything that stands still for more than 2 minutes!

Today, as I sat outside in the beautiful sunshine having a quick cup of tea, I knew that the time had come. I Knew it was time to get moving and painting. So, I grabbed a paintbrush, trundled off to my paint stash and grabbed a tin of paint. This year, I'm getting the urge to put more colour into my home. Everything is white or cream at the moment with just accent colours from cushions and throws but I'm thinking that now I want colour. Lots of colour. Think Cath Kidston. Think floral and think lots and lots of it. I started with two of my battered chairs that I use at my sewing table in the living room. 

They went from drab 

To fab

In about 30 minutes.

It will need another coat of paint and then I will wax it with my Annie Sloan clear wax to make it a bit more durable and then onto my next dilemma, what colour to paint the other chair, the table, the over-mantle mirror, the kitchen chairs, the kitchen table, the walls ....... well, you get the idea :-)


  1. Well, funny you should say all that as I am going to be moving house again in a few weeks, all being well. My friends have moaned about their address books being full to bursting with scrubbed out addresses in my section (oops!) so this time when I notify them, maybe I should send them a small gift . . . . of a sparkling new address book!
    Your chair looks gorgeous - and I have ideas about re-painting my dining chairs when I move, along with the kitchen table, small dresser, cupboard doors - they are currently wooden but old-fashioned and I fancy a pastel colour instead.

  2. I just saw this on another blog - and wondered if it might give you inspiration for your hexagons???

  3. I love that colour Kay. Think I will try and get a colour as near to that as I can for my metal garden furniture...I love it xxx

  4. Oh no I would hate to move house even though we are sort of debating it. I'm thinking of a spring makeover & trying to persuade Mike that the sitting room would look far nicer with two turquoise sofas rather than the brown leather ones we have now. Your chair looks lovely, xx

  5. I too have moved many times, but now I am in my forever home. Mind you, perhaps it helps that my home can be moved to a different location if we want! Love the colour of the chair xxx

  6. Fab makeover Kay. I would keep moving if I could but I think my husband would freak out!I think we have one more move in us, and that will be to downsize in the next year or two.