27 March 2014

Ready .... Get Set ..... Grow

Well it's almost that time of year again. It's almost planting time. Today, while I was at the garden centre looking for some garden vouchers for my Mum for Mother's day, I came across some tomato plants and I began to get excited. I love growing tomatoes. Nothing tastes like a home-grown tomato. Shop bought tomatoes never seem to taste the same and there is nothing like the luscious smell of tomatoes on the vine, a sort of rich, earthy smell that for me, is everything summer should be. In fact I love growing veg full stop. Any kind of veg. It never fails to amaze me that you stick these tiny seeds in some soil, water them and give them some sunshine and up pops teeny tiny plants that turn into food. Amazing!

A couple of years ago, in true nerdy scientist fashion, I did a few experiments by planting some of my veg using Biodynamic methods, with some interesting results. (You can read about it here and here). I Definitely had a better crop by planting biodynamically but, last year, because I had much less time on my hands, due to my market commitments, I went back to my tried and tested "bung 'em in the ground and cross your fingers" method which, quite frankly, works almost as well and is a lot less faffing. This year, I think it will probably be a bit of a combination of the two but on a much, much bigger scale. I'm going to be planting much more this year, in the hope of filling my freezer and cupboards with things from the garden.

Well, to cut a long story short ...... I just couldn't quite stop myself from buying some tomato plants. They were lovely, strong, vigorous plants and at 99p each .... well .... how could I resist.

I had £8.00 in my purse so obviously, I bought 8. 


  1. Ahem. Did you manage to find 8p garden vouchers for mum? ;-0

  2. lol no I had already spoken to mum and we had decided to go with plan B because the garden vouchers couldn't be used at any of the garden centres near where she lives :-)

  3. It certainly worked for me when we tried the different method of growing. I don't know if it's because I only plant in raised beds because I have no ground to plant in. In every raised bed I grew at least two different types of veg and had great success with everything.

  4. If I could only grow one thing it would be tomatoes - now I don't have my allotment space is at a premium and careful choices will have to be made - but toms will definitely be on the list.

  5. I love homegrown tomatoes and eat them as an alternative to other fruit. Last year I tried some polyculture beds (the posh word for chuck it all in together and see what happens!) and I had some really good results. It was so easy and cut down on the weeds, so I am going to do more this year xxx