19 March 2014

Hexie Madness

At the market, when things are quiet, I get the almost uncontrollable urge to make something. Sadly, because the things that I do involve a sewing machine and a sizeable fabric stash or a box full of card stock, cutting machines and embellishments if I'm making greetings cards it is logistically quite difficult to make anything while hiding behind the things on my stall because it all takes up too much space. I was beginning to despair of ever finding something crafty that I could realistically do at the market when I discovered the wonderful world of "English Paper Piecing" or, to the rest of world ......... hexagons!

It's not something I have ever attempted before but recently, I have stumbled across a number of fabulous blogs featuring trays and boxes full of cute little hexagons made from beautiful fabrics and as soon as I saw them, I just knew that I had to have a go. I managed to find a template on the good old internet which I simply printed out onto cardboard and chopped into individual hexies and then I set to with my fabric stash. Oh was I in heaven. In no time at all I had covered enough templates to make 2 of the cutest little flower thingies and I just knew that I had finally found the craft that I will be taking to the market with me when I go.

There has been a bit of adjusting my technique in the way I baste them and in the way I sew them together but I think I'm almost there. The only problem I now have is that it's very hard to stop making them now I have started and I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am going to do with them once I have done them.

I have also discovered some fabulous Riley Blake fabrics which I really, really, REALLY would like to buy to make hexies with but I am trying to stop myself from succumbing because I am still in greenhouse saving mode. I really don't want to spend any of my hard earned greenhouse fund on fabric, which, if I am totally honest, I don't actually need so, I am trying to steer clear of fabric shops, online auction sites and basically anything that will distract me from my greenhouse goal.

It's very hard though because the fabrics are just too cute for words. 

So, here is the million dollar question. What shall I do with my hexie flowers? If any of you have made things with them in the past I would love to know what you made. 


  1. Grandmother's flower garden cushions? or quilt? I've seen them as pincushions too.

  2. Just keep making the lovely flower shapes then join them together and you will have beautiful throw for your bed. Not very inventive but it would look lovely

  3. I used to make hexagon balls when I was a kid

  4. Snap! Like you I have just made my first hexie flower using up scraps of material. I was thinking of a large cushion cover but I dream of maybe one day making a bed quilt. Think I will just see how many flowers I can do before deciding but its good to have found something to do that's pretty portable :-)

  5. I guess it depends whether they're for you, or will contribute to your greenhouse fund. Just laid out as your photo, with a backing and some stuffing they'd be perfect pincushions to sell, or fill them with lavender. I think that hand sewn larger projects are always for keeping so cushions or quilts for you. I love the colours you've chosen - I want to make some now, but mustn't be distracted from my end-of-year goal!

  6. Hi Kay, I have the same problem... check out my 'Impatient Patcher' post. Is that Mullion Cove at the top? I used to live there a few years ago.Happy patching from Eco Ethel xx