27 January 2014

Dreaming of a Kitchen Garden

It's Monday, it's raining and I'm ill. I have had a stinking cold for almost a week now, I ache all over and I have a horrible sore throat. However, being the stubborn person that I am, I am resolutely refusing to give in to it ........ not that I have much choice. Some kindly, well-meaning soul at the market the other day, told me that I should go home and spend a couple of days in bed! As if I actually have the time for that!! However, when I got up this morning, my throat was so sore that I could hardly speak so, after yomping through the mud to sort out the animals in the pouring rain I decided to make myself a mug of tea, wrap myself in a blanket and look at pictures of beautifully designed, inspirational kitchen gardens on the internet and try and figure out how to do that to mine. At the moment, the chickens are doing a sterling job of ripping the garden to shreds and they have rapidly turned the lawn from grass, into something akin to a mud wrestling pit! On the plus side though, they are also doing a grand job of clearing all the weeds from the raised beds and demolishing slugs galore as the two of  roam the garden causing chickeny havoc all over the place. 

I found some lovely gardens to inspire me. Here are a few ideas that I would absolutely LOVE to put into my garden.

How cute is this, I love the cute little fence all around it. You can find the web source here

I especially love the brick paths, in fact, I am actually considering using bricks in my garden for the paths. Source here

Another fabulous re-purporsing idea Source here

I love this fabulous use of an otherwise useless steep slope. Source here

I love these willow raised beds. 
Source here

Anyway, the weather is still awful, my cold is still grim and my tea has gone cold so I'm off to pop the kettle on and put another log on the fire. 


  1. Oh no I hope you recover soon. I absolutely loved the photos you posted. Very inspiring at this time of year, I shall have to investigate them further.

  2. Fantasy gardening is a lovely way to spend rainy down days. Love the willow beds, very neat, I can only dream.
    Get well soon.

  3. LOL for a moment there I thought that first one WAS your garden. They all look lovely. Good on your girls for taking care of the slugs etc. I could post the some if they run out, they are legion in our little courtyard garden. Or maybe the girls would like a seaside holiday in West Sussex? LOL
    Get well soon.

  4. Love these garden pictures. They all look soooo neat and weed free! That's part of the allure I think. Is there wire strung between the tall posts in the first picture? That would make a wonderful barrier for deer which are legion here. Makes growing much of anything a trial rather than a pleasure.

    Victoria in Indiana

  5. Hi Victoria, I can't tell from the picture if there is a wire between the posts but I'm guessing that you could put a wire along the top. The pictures do look so neat and tidy don't they, my garden never looks that neat but I quite like mine to be a bit wild, the trick is to get it to look wild without it being a complete mess, something I have not quite achieved yet :-)