25 August 2013

New Technology and a Beautiful Stained Glass Light Catcher.

Splashing out on frivolous new technology is not something I would normally do. I don't automatically replace things when a newer, shinier version is brought out, my phone is a hand-me-down from my youngest daughter, my digital camera is almost 10 years old and I am firmly of the belief that if it's not broke, no need to replace it! Lately though, I have been finding myself increasingly out and about with not much to do and also, with a lot of time at the market when I could be doing things like writing blog posts but, being woefully lacking in the up-to-date technology department was causing a few problems. So, a few weeks ago, I finally caved in and I bought a tablet. I won't mention the brand because I don't want to be accused of shameless plugging of a product and I also have to confess to being slightly doubtful at first because I thought I might have made a bit of a mistake by spending so much money on something that I might not be able to justify. I have to say though, I am now totally in love with it. I also found, very helpfully, that I could get it interest free from my catalogue and pay for it over 3 months. An ideal solution. It has a wifi and a cellular package so I can connect to the internet wherever I am and it has a great camera on it too so I have been snapping away with it at anything and everything to try and get a feel for it. In fact, it seems to have almost replaced my digital camera because there is no faffing about with cables to download the photos, it just sends them via miraculous technology straight to my laptop or, I can even post them straight to my blog. It's amazing! Here are a few of the snaps I took with it. 

Butterfly on the Buddleia (spot the bumble bee hiding under the butterflies wing!)

Metro Snuggled up on the Sofa

Moth in the Hallway

I also wanted to show you my new stained glass light catcher. It was made by a very talented young lady called Louise Hawkins who has a stall called "Made by Paws" at the market. She does the most beautiful stained glass light catchers and tiffany-style lampshades and pictures and also fabulous house signs and key racks. A couple of weeks ago, when she was at the market, she was working on a beautiful light catcher. I fell in love with the colours she was using and I asked her if I could buy it from her. She dropped it off yesterday morning along with a house sign for my gate. Here is it. I absolutely love it.


  1. I love my iPad, but it does take some getting used to. I have to keep asking a son for help! Your light catcher is beautiful, a very talented lady xxx

  2. The stained glass is absolutely beautiful but it isnt easy to do.I took night classes for a year and managed some lovely things but definitely needed plenty of sticking plasters!