27 August 2013

Good Old Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

In my kitchen, I have a pine dresser. I have had it for about 15 years and although it is now a bit scratched and battered and going a bit orange, as pine sometimes does, I really like it and it's extremely useful for storage. I have been meaning to attack it with a tin of chalk paint for absolutely ages but I have not really had the time. Until yesterday. Yesterday I was in a very bad mood. My lovely truck had to go off to be scrapped because the head gasket had gone and I couldn't afford to get it fixed, I discovered that the bag of organic layers pellets had gone mouldy because it had been resting against a damp towel in the laundry room and I had to throw it away and my hideous neighbours were once again being vile and all this was before about 8am! Not a good morning and because of my bad mood, I knew there was no way I would be able to sit down and concentrate on sewing because I knew that I would be unpicking more than I actually sewed so I was slumped on the sofa watching awful bank holiday TV in a very grumpy mood. 

Then, while I was rummaging in the spare room looking for a magazine to read, I spotted the tin of Old White Chalk Paint that I had earmarked for the dresser. I had this mad idea that paining might get rid of some of my frustrations so I grabbed the paint, found a brush and after I had moved all the things off the dresser, I attacked the dresser with the paint. 


Three hours and two coats of paint later and the dresser was transformed. I have to say I love it but I am undecided as to whether I should sand it back and distress it. My mum says I shouldn't so I might just give it a coat of wax to give it a bit more durability. 


Unfortunately, as usual, having something newly painted in a room tends to show up all the marks and blemishes in the rest of the room so now I just need to paint the walls, paint the ceiling, paint the doors and paint the beams ........hmmmmm maybe painting that dresser wasn't such a bright idea after all :-)


  1. That looks truly lovely. (And so will the rest of the room.) It is the upside of having vile neighbours.

  2. Wow - what a transformation - strange coincidence too - I have a wall hanging dresser-type thing and said only yesterday - wouldn't it look nice distressed. Did you have to sand it first - the paint has gone on really smoothly. Considering the foul mood you were in I think you did an excellent job.

  3. Hi Elaine, no no sanding or preparation needed with chalk paint just slap it on :-) it's my favourite kind of painting

  4. That looks great and what a transformation xxx

  5. Lovely transformation, well worth the time and effort :)

  6. Looks fantastic!! The lovely items all show out so much better against the white. I'm with your Mum, I would not distress it, it will get there itself :)
    Ignore the rest of the room, go sew, you deserve the break :)
    Worthing, UK

  7. its absolutely lovely! I've just discovered the joy of Annie Sloan and all my pine is now earmarked-there's a lot of it too...
    Good luck with the redecorating!!
    BH x

  8. WOW - what a complete difference. Looks brilliant - I just love AS paints. Well done - well worth the effort - just forget about everything else, your dresser will take centre stage and push everything else into the background!

  9. It's beautiful Kay.I love all your bits and pieces.Best thing you've done Glad you decided not to distress it.xxxx

  10. Amazing! It looks wonderful and fresh! What a good way to handle your grumpy mood!And a lot of work too I know, as I painted a dresser a few months ago!
    You could still distress it after you've waxed it if you change your mind, but it looks gorgeous the way it is with all your pretty things on it.
    Gill xx

  11. I have an old pine dresser too which I think could be transformed by Annie Sloan paint so you have inspired me!