11 August 2013

Car Booty and An Unexpected Visitor

We are well into the swing of the car boot sales this year and apart from a couple of days when the weather was wet, I have been happily trundling along to my favourite one at 7am every Sunday morning. This morning was no exception and I managed to grab some lovely bargains. My best bargain this week was a beautiful 100% cashmere scarf for an amazing 50p! I love scarves, I have hundreds of them and I love how they can change a plain outfit into something fabulous and they come in really handy at the market when the weather turns cold. I have a sneaky suspicion though that the nice young gentleman who sold me the scarf will be getting a bit of a telling off from his girlfriend when she finds out how much he sold it to me for because most of the stuff on their table was obviously good quality and it was all quite pricey. She had left him manning the stall while she went and grabbed a cup of tea and he was having a whale of a time selling off everything for 50p and a pound. 

I also found a beautiful hand thrown bowl for £1

And some amazing fabrics, trimmings and embroidery thread for £2 and she even threw in the basket!

I also found out why the chickens had started to lay their eggs outside recently. As I was cleaning out their house this morning I discovered this cute little chap buried under the hay in the nesting box! The chickens are obviously are none too keen on sharing their house with him so he was relocated to the bushes near the pond in my field :-)


  1. Fab finds at the car boot.You got a real bargain with the scarf, its beautiful.Wonder how much it cost originally?

  2. Oh he is going to be in soooo much trouble!! Bet it was a gift he hated LOL. I think they are around £40 or £50 brand new.
    I love a car boot bargain.
    Worthing, UK