4 January 2013

Fabulous Fabric Friday

I just wanted to share some of my recent fabric purchases. It's so exciting. For the last couple of days, lots of exciting parcels have been plopping through my letterbox. I can't wait to get started. I have loads of ideas but I'm going to wait until everything has arrived before I start creating things because I have ordered loads fabulous fabrics, trimmings and stamps to start building up the stock that, over the last five or six years, has just dwindled down to nothing. 

I'm hoping to start earning a few pennies from my crafts again, maybe a stall at a local market, (I had one several years ago and it was fabulous fun!) and definitely some craft fairs, probably with my daughter, who makes beautiful jewellery. 

I have been looking for inspiration and ideas and have found some lovely things that I'm going to be making and of course, I will be sharing the end results with you on here. So I guess ..... watch this space. This is what has arrived so far. Oh .... and you might have noticed I'm loving the giant ricrac .... it's fabulous and I'm going to get more in every colour I can find and at 67p per metre it's a total bargain! I have a feeling it might be featuring prominently in my future creations :-)


  1. Very shabby chic and very lovely xx

  2. Beautiful fabrics - what you you going to make? Especially love the one with the wheelbarrow! I had a parcel today, too - and I only bought it on ebay yesterday! Just love waiting for the postman!

  3. Wow they look great, I am trying to create my own fabric stash after receiving a sewing machine for christmas.

  4. I've found that eBay is a drug! I have to force myself away from it. I just love to take part in the auctions - and of course the parcel at the end of it. I bought some 'fat quarters' just before Christmas, from America and they are intended for cushion covers.
    What do you have in mind for your material?

  5. Hey Kay, great fabrics, particularly love the florals int he first pic on the left......lovely and bright.
    So nice getting parcels in the post... I love doing craft markets and it is a great way to earn a few dollars, as long as you can get the pricing right. I found that one of the hardest parts......
    Love giant ric rac too.....look forward to seeing what you make with it all.

    Claire ;}