25 January 2013

Bath 1 - Dog 0

For the last two or three days, I have been walking round the house sniffing everything in sight because I could smell a rather unpleasant smell and I couldn't pinpoint quite where it was coming from. Having done the usual checks for dead mice decomposing in hidden crevices (living in the country, it's a constant battle to keep them out and involves a lot of stuffing of wire wool into any possible way in to stop the little buggers!), I washed all my sofa cushion covers, I cleaned the carpet and I even washed the curtains and still I got a whiff of something icky every so often. It was driving me insane. 

It was when I was playing tug of war with one of my dogs, Indie, that I realised the horrible smell was coming from him! He has a habit, when he's in the garden, of getting into mischief and I can only assume that he found something disgusting to play either in or with! Now I know I have a lot of animals but I certainly won't tolerate my house smelling horrible, animals or not. So, there was only one thing for it. It was time to wrestle the dog into the bath. 

Now it's not that he doesn't like the water, he actually loves it but he is less thrilled about the getting in and out the bath itself because he doesn't jump! This means that my daughter and I have to physically lift a large, fully grown Alaskan Malamute into the bath. Believe me that is no mean feat. He weighs about the same as a baby elephant!! Once he is in the bath, however, you can clearly see the obvious delight on his face as he gets pampered and lathered with puppy shampoo. He really looks like he's smiling :-)

I now have the aroma of eau de wet dog wafting up at me, from a large damp dog snoring on my feet. Still, at least he's clean.


  1. Your post made me smile! Can just imagine you sniffing around and washing everything in sight in case its the culprit, where all along it was a moveable smell!
    No mean feat I should imagine, bathing your dog, but how smart he must look now, and he must smell lovely into the bargain!He looks beautiful even wet.
    Have a great and clean smelling weekend!
    Gill xx

  2. Looks like he is having fun :)
    Jake has a habit of rolling in fox poop hen he finds it, worst smell ever,yuk!

  3. He loves it,you can tell by the look on his face.He is gorgeous cant wait to meet him x

  4. Oh yes, he really does look as though he's in 7th Heaven! Lovely, smiley, blissful expression on his face. I bet he can't wait to go and roll in something else to take away that horrible, sweet shampoo smell!!! Lol, lol.

  5. My elderly Bichon is partial to rotten smelly things, he especially likes duck and geese poo. Luckily he is tiny, but he is also very white and very fluffy and usually has to be bathed weekly.

  6. We have the same problem with our husky cross timber wolf dog ... weighs a ton .. likes a bath ..but we have to lift him in. And then try and get him outside quick before he shakes and wets us through!

    Vicky x

  7. He really does look as if he's smiling and very happy having his bath - bless him xxx

  8. He really is enjoying that bit of pampering, love the picture! There are some advantages to having a smaller dog such as our cocker spaniel! X

  9. Love the last line Kay......well on the up side the cushions and curtains got a wash11

    He certainly does look like he's in a blissful state.

    We had a much small dog when I was a kid and my dad used to wash Scottie in the wheel barrow, any splashes watered the lawn and I doubt mum would've let him have a bath inside anyway.....

    Claire :}