20 December 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Well, it's that time again. It's not really a Thrifty Thursday this week because I'm trying to get everything sorted for Christmas and for some reason this year, it has sneaked up on me and I am nowhere near as organised as I usually am, but, this idea could easily be a fabulous alternative to a Christmas tree. 
In June of this year, I spent a blissful day with the lovely Carol Horsington, her partner David Taylor and their two adorable Jack Russells Sue and Poppy, learning the gentle art of basket weaving at their farm in Cornwall, where they run their business Cornish Willow. I came away with sore, aching fingers and a faint whiff of damp willow about me but also with an amazing sense of satisfaction and two amazingly awesome willow plant supports that I somehow managed to produce.  I loved them so much and the weather was so awful this year that I somehow couldn't bring myself to actually put them outside so they have spent the year indoors, one on either side of the patio doors. 

I have already mentioned the fact that in the past I have had some rather scraggy-looking Christmas trees and although this year I managed to bag myself quite a nice one, I decided that my two lovely willow pyramids needed a little bit of a makeover, not least because my kids keep threatening to put them outside! I always go overboard with the fairy lights. I love them and if I could get away with it I would keep them up all year round so, a couple of strings of fabulous lights and voila ......... a gorgeous Christmas tree alternative. I have to say, I totally love it and no matter what the kids say, I think I'm actually going to keep them like this after Christmas :-)


  1. They really are lovely, you should be rightly proud of them xxx

  2. Oh WOW! They look lovely - and yes, I would keep them up all year as well. Does the kitten still lurk underneath now the lights are on? Lol, lol.
    I shall look up Country Willow so that I might attend one of their workshops. Thank you for the info!
    Meant to also say - your home looks beautiful.

  3. They look lovely with the lights so keep them like that all year round.Its a shame to put them outside.

  4. I see your kitty hiding in there. :-)