22 December 2012

More Flooding

Well, it's been raining again and this time my field is totally flooded. I actually have ducks swimming in my field!! Luckily my llamas are safe, if a bit soggy and muddy, and luckily the house isn't flooded but my roof is leaking and I have had to put down a bucket to catch the water that's leaking into my bathroom and I have run out of towels to mop things up with. All in all not a great start to the Christmas holidays but I'm sure there are people out there who are far more affected and I am thankful that the damage here, although inconvenient, has been minimal.

But ...... it's still raining and the forecast says it will be like this for another 5 days so things might get even worse. I took this video this morning, I don't know if it will work I've never tried to  upload a video before so if it works it will be a miracle! 


  1. oh how I wish you could send some of that rain to us....we are praying for rain,,,everything is so dry and the tanks are nearly empty...only 3 min showers!
    hot and brown here!
    have a merry christmas
    Bec x

  2. Your video does work and clearly shows how much rain you have had. Here in Herefordshire we are under the same cloud and in the village where I live is the River Arrow which has broken its banks and cut off the next village. My fear is with the field at the rear of our bungalow. That is my main risk of being flooded so I hope it flows the other way. Keep safe and I hope you have a peaceful Christmas.

    Dianne - Herefordshire

  3. Yup, the video worked, glad yu tried it. So pleased I didnt have to get wet to see this though. We are not that bad on this other side of the hill thank goodness!

  4. Oh my goodness. Take care.
    Love from Mum