29 December 2012

Looking Back ........

I was woken up at 4am this morning by the wind howling down the valley and rain beating against my bedroom window. Finding  it impossible to get back to sleep, I grabbed my laptop and was having a look back over the posts I have written since I first started blogging. I started this blog in March 2011, however, I started my first blog during my second year of university in 2008. I was a mature student (or in my case an ancient student! .... I was 43 at the time!) at Falmouth Marine School  studying for a foundation degree in Marine Science and the blog was part of my coursework. We had to write about current marine and environmental topics that were in the news. That's how I first found out about blogging. I found it fascinating. I loved researching the topics and I loved the marine biology and environmental science part of it and I went on to study for BSc and a MSc in Environmental Science and Marine Conservation at Plymouth university and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It brought out my inner nerd :-)

 Studying Nucella Lapillus (Dog Whelks) in Pembrokeshire

Studying coastal erosion in Cornwall

When I started this blog it was for a completely different reason. I liked the idea of a kind of diary of everyday things that I could share with my friends and family who all live a long way away. I had no idea that other people would be interested in reading it. My marine biology blog only ever got read by my friends at Uni, and the lecturer who actually set the blog assignment! One thing I noticed is that I now write a lot more posts. I don't know if this is because I do more stuff or that I have more time but one thing is for sure, I'm going to be blogging again on both blogs in 2013 and I'm really looking forward to it.

If you want to check out my old Marine Biology and Environmental Blog you can find it here. It's not had any posts on it lately but I will be starting it again in the New Year. 


  1. And I am looking forward to reading more! Happy NewYear xxx

  2. Beautiful blog. Like you, I started my blog for another reason. Now I have 3 and may condense. :)