10 November 2012

Fabulous Finds

About a week ago, I went to visit one of my favourite places in the town near where I live. It's called Zero to Vintage and sadly, they don't have a website as yet so I can't give you a link. It is the cutest little shop and they stock the most gorgeous second hand and vintage treasures at fabulously reasonable prices. I have bought several things from them since I discovered it about a year ago and last week I managed to grab another couple of fabulous bargains. Two gorgeous cookery books.

I love books. I love the feel of the covers, the texture of the pages and I will read pretty much anything. I especially love crime and thriller books, Kathy Reichs is a particular favourite and I even read fluffy chic lit too on occasion but, basically, I will read anything as long as it holds my interest from the first page right through to the end. I particularly love vintage books and they are my favourite things to buy at car boot sales and in charity shops. I find the thought that a book could have been around for a decades totally fascinating. As I read it, I always wonder who has read it before me, what were their lives like and did they enjoy reading it. I don't know why but I always kind of picture a Jane Austen type person sitting in her beautiful drawing room, maybe with a shawl around her shoulders to keep her warm with snow softly falling outside. Whimsical nonsense, I know, but it's one of the things I love about actual books and it's also one of the reasons I will never buy one of these electronic book things. I'm sure they have their place but they're not for me. I mean lets face it ..... a book never runs out of battery!

Anyway, I found two amazing books and although neither is old or vintage, they are, nevertheless, gorgeous. The first one I came across was "Wise Words and Country Ways For Cooks" by Ruth Binney.

It's in great condition and is full of amazing tips and advice and it also looks lovely, which, in my opinion, is always a plus. And it was only £2.00. A total bargain if you ask me.

The other book I found is called Falling Cloudberries. It is beautifully presented and the cover has a beautiful tactile quality with raised detail on the spine and it has the most fantastic photographs inside. The recipes are mouthwatering. Even more amazing, it was only £5.00 and looks lovely on my kitchen dresser, just sitting there waiting for me to start cooking up a storm.

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  1. They look fabulous ... as you say .lovely things to hold and treasure. I have a special shelf where my old books live ... and I can settle down beside a good fire and just dip into them.

    Vicky x