8 November 2012

A Walk in Looe

Well. I know it's been a week(ish) since my last post but the gloom set in again and I felt like hibernating in front of the fire, which is basically what I did. Today, however, I decided that I needed to get out of the house and go and do something. After feeding and watering the llamas, giving the cats their breakfast and taking the dogs out for a run in the field, I set off for Looe. The weather is  chilly and grey and not very pleasant and I really didn't want to leave the house but I wrapped myself up and forced myself to get in the car and drive. The sight  of the sea always cheers me up and the smell of the salty sea air makes me feel invigorated, even though today, the weather mostly looked like this ......

Since I started to blog, I always carry a camera with me in my handbag, in case I see something interesting and today I took some lovely pictures of the little lanes in Looe, the beautiful boats moored along the quayside and I managed to get a picture of a buzzard, although it's a bit blurry. Occasionally, the sun kept peeping out between the clouds and I managed to snap some pictures that look a little less gloomy. 

I love boats, I would love to live on one.

I adore these multi coloured flower pots on the steps outside the Pasty Shop.

And this cute little restaurant on the quay with the gorgeous red geraniums. 

And finally I managed to pull over into a layby on the way home and hang out of the window to snap this picture of a buzzard sitting on a telegraph pole.


  1. Lovely pictures - never mind it being gloomy, they look most inviting! I would love to live by the sea - maybe one day...

  2. Iwould love to live in that gorgeous restuarant.Just big enough for the two of us xx