18 September 2012

Photo Montage Envy

I have long admired the beautifully put together blogs that I have come across on my web-wanderings and in particular, I love the beautiful photo montages that appear on some of my favourite blogs and I have to admit I have photo envy! I assumed that it was some magical programme that either costs an arm and a leg to buy or is something that is a Mac only programme (oh how I miss my MacBook). Being a stubborn kind of a person, today I set myself a goal of mastering the elusive photo collage even if it drove me to the brink of despair ...... which it almost did. Now, I'm not brilliant with computer technology but I am capable (although one of my friends used to call me Luddy ..... short for Luddite!!) and after reading a gazillion tutorials on the subject, downloading a programme which I had to immediately un-install because it started playing music at me (not cool!!), and drinking about 20 cups of tea, I finally found a tutorial buried in the depths of Google which told me I could create my masterpiece in Powerpoint. Yay, I thought, I have Powerpoint ..... I can do that ...... but it couldn't possibly be that simple ..... or could it? It turns out it is. I now have a lovely photo collage which I have used as my new blog title and I'm so thrilled. However ....... an even bigger epiphany occurred when I discovered that in the depths of my laptop I actually had Publisher. It took me about 60 seconds to produce another stunning montage, this time using publisher, and now I just can't seem to stop ...... you have been warned :-)

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  1. i'm a new follower- lovely blog here ;0)...love your country photographs! i use picmonkey.com to edit a lot of my images- its free! x