6 May 2012

Veg Update

A couple of weeks ago, I finally picked and ate my first veg from the garden. It was so exciting and oddly satisfying to finally be able to pick and eat something I had grown myself. At the end if last year, around October time, I picked up some cheap veg plants from my local Homebase, well, at 29p per tray I couldn't resist and I just stuck them in a raised bed to see what would happen. Over the winter they grew slowly but surely and I was looking forward to fresh cabbages and stuff. Sadly, however, during the really warm weather earlier this year, most of the sprouts and cauliflowers started to bolt and were relocated to the compost heap.  The cabbages were doing really well and hearting up nicely until disaster struck and they all got munched by slugs and snails so I'm left with ...... yep ..... leeks :-) Good job I like leeks lol. Here are a few more veggie updates.

Salad Leaves

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