12 May 2012

Beautiful Cornwall

Having read through my blog recently it dawned on me that I appear to have an unnatural obsession with my garden and the veg I'm growing so, I decided to post some photos of the beautiful Cornish countryside where I live. The Island View Cafe at Hannafoe Point in Looe does one of the best cream teas in Cornwall and this is where I was on Friday morning when I took these photos ...... sitting in the glorious sunshine, having breakfast.
Island View Cafe Looe

Looking Towards St Georges Island at The Island View Cafe.
Along the Harbour Wall

After breakfast, I went for a wander along the harbour in Looe. The weather was glorious if a little windy, the tide was high and the town was relatively tourist free so I spent a blissful hour wandering around Looe. 

Looe Harbour

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  1. You are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world! I look forward to seeing your vegetable garden develop. xx