6 November 2016

More Garden and Field Pics

Over the past few months, as I mentioned before, there have been a few changes. I acquired some more chickens and I now have 5 girls. Harriet, Bluebell, Marigold, Lobelia and Poppy.

Marigold is the cream one and Poppy is the speckly one

Marigold and Bluebell, the ginger one.

Lobelia on the day we got her and her sister Marigold
They lay the beautiful pale blue eggs in the pictures 
above and Poppy lays the dark brown ones.

We built them a cute new chicken run to keep them warm and cosy in the winter when they aren't running around the garden. I like for them to be out and free-ranging as much as possible but when I'm at work I like to know they're safe so they have a secure run. They have little shelves to hop up onto, a massive perch thing with different height roosting bars which they love and they have various things to play with, one of which is their sweetcorn on a string. They totally love it. I've tried to upload a video but I'm not sure if it will work ..... fingers crossed. 

We have also been building an identical structure in the field as a hay store. My husband has pretty much been building stuff non-stop for months now and he's made all the raised beds, the chicken run, the hay store and the log store. Personally I think it's just been one massive ploy to buy more power tools but hey, I'm not complaining, he's getting kinda good at it :-)

This is how far we got this weekend. Actually we did get the back and the two sides clad in ship-lap cladding but by the time we had finished, it was too dark to see let alone take pictures so I will nip out and snap some tomorrow. We only have the front and the door to clad and then some little fiddly bits to fill in and then it's done and I can start filling it with hay for the llamas to keep them happy through the winter months. 

AND ......... tomorrow is a really, really, really special and amazing day. Tomorrow something fabulous is happening. Tomorrow, my new poly tunnel will be arriving. I am beyond thrilled. It's huge. It's 30 feet by 15 feet and I will be able to plant so much stuff. I just can't wait. Watch this space :-)


  1. The chickens are lovely,the building work is looking good and a new poly tunnel how wonderful is that.

  2. Used to love it when my granny gave me blue eggs, years and years ago