2 January 2016

2016 ....... Bring it on!

Here's wishing a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to everyone out there in Blogland

Well, it's 2016. Wow!! It's come around so fast I can't believe it. Things were very hectic in the run up to Christmas. I was working lots of extra hours at my job which although slightly inconvenient time-wise, cash-flow wise it was a lovely boost to the flagging bank balance and helped Christmas go much more smoothly and with a lot less stress. In true Christmas disaster fashion, the water pump that brings our water up from the well in the garden decided to pump it's last a week before Christmas, on a Friday evening no less, which prompted frantic phone calls to plumbers and a weekend without water ..... not fun but luckily, fixed in time for Christmas. 

The weather, the same as everywhere in the UK, has been awful. Luckily, although very wet and windy we were fortunate enough not to have had any flooding in the field this year and apart from a dead tree stump being blown over, we seem to have come through the past couple of weeks relatively unscathed (fingers crossed, touch wood or whatever good luck charm is used around the world). Having watched the devastation elsewhere in the country, I'm very thankful for that but feel for the poor people who lost everything not once but twice over the holidays. Christmas itself was quiet as was the New Year and although I had the "joy" of working both New Years Eve and New Years Day, I was lucky enough to have three days off over Christmas when I was thoroughly spoilt by my lovely daughters and had lots of amazing presents. And now, here we are. A new year and a new start.

So peeps, what are your New Year resolutions?? 

I have only one. 

To figure out what I want in my life, both personally and professionally and to take the first steps towards getting it. I'm going to be taking time to really think about things, how I want them to be and how I can make that happen. I have given up alcohol for January after totally over-indulging during the festivities and I am going to be watching my diet for the next few weeks to drop a few pounds before a little trip I will be taking in February :-) I can't wait to tell you about it.

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  1. Hmmmm . . . the 'little trip' sounds intriguing! I hope you have a less demanding job now that the Christmas season is over and things return to normal. Won't it be wonderful the rain goes away and we get to enjoy the sunshine?