25 November 2015

A Walk Down The Lane.

I always try to get out of the house if I can and go off for a walk, even if the weather isn't very good, it's nice to get out for a bit by myself, without the hounds. When I take out the dogs, we generally go for a run in the field because it's fenced in all round and I can let them off the lead and they can run around like mad things while I sit on my bench and have a cup of tea. Lazy I know but they need to run off some energy and there is no way I can keep up with 3 energetic, lunatic dogs if I take them all out on the lead so, after their run in the field, I love to go for a walk down the lane. It's amazing to see how the countryside changes throughout the year and how the hedgerows still have beautiful plants and flowers hidden amongst the bare branches, even in the depths of winter. 

Early morning down the lane where I live.

The pond in my field

An amazing eucalyptus tree that I found on my walk today. 
The bark peeling away from the trunk.

Huge fungus things that I found by the road, no idea what they are but probably quite poisonous. About the size of a saucer.

The river that runs through my field.

The cutest little mushrooms on a pile of logs.


  1. Gorgeous photos :-)

    I love spotting mushrooms on my walks around the paddock and through our woods with the dogs, unfortunately I have no idea which are edible and which would poison my Lovely Hubby so I have never even been tempted to pick any. I guess we need an 'expert' houseguest to point us in the right direction.

  2. We walk every day, good for the body and the soul.

  3. You live in a lovely place, I must admit once wrapped up warm it's my favourite time of year to take a walk x

  4. There's always something refreshing looking about a brook babbling along, surrounded by juicy green moss, wet rocks, a dipper hunting if you are lucky.

  5. What a beautiful walk you have available right outside your door. You actually live on a lane. My address says that I live on a Lane but you wouldn't know it to stand outside my house and count the cars and motorcycles going noisily by. The pics you show are just lovely.

  6. Lovely photos Kay, looks very scenic and peaceful where you are. I think (though don't quote me!!) that the giant mushrooms are edible - these look exactly the same as the ones my parents pick in Central France and they say they taste delicious. There are so many different types of mushroom but their French neighbours came round with a basket full of these giant mushrooms and said they're edible. We've nicknamed them the 'nipple mushroom'! Might not be the same type but they look the same, not worth risking with mushrooms unless you're 100% sure though! x