15 August 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy and a Chickeny Update.

This week has been non-stop. I have been nursing a poorly chicken, trying to sort out the house because it is such a mess I can't even bear to look at it and I have had a hundred and one little niggly jobs to do. This morning, I have already been to the vet to collect flea treatment for one of my dogs, mended the fence in the field because the stock fencing wire had pinged off in a couple of places due to half a tonne of fat-ass llama leaning against it, I have filled 3 large black bags with rubbish to be taken to the tip along with the ever-growing pile of junk that I am finding in various cupboards, nooks and crannies and all manner of weird and wonderful places that junk seems to hide, I have filled, washed and emptied two loads of dish-washing and have done 3 loads of washing ....... and it's only 10.56am!! I am now having a cup of tea and re-grouping and I am then going to hoover, do more laundry, clean the carpet and whatever else I come across that needs doing today so tomorrow, I can sit on my behind and do absolutely NOTHING!!!!! 

On a happier note, Amelia Pond, my poorly chicken, who I found slumped in the run unable to stand up and looking as if she was about to breath her last, is back to normal and running around with her sister, Pepper Potts, like a totally mad thing. After a week of pampering, being in her own little run during the day and coming inside into a nice cosy box stuffed with hay at night, being fed deliciously enticing meals like porridge mixed with layers pellets and a little bit of grated cheese on top, she has gone from deaths door to mad clucky chicken and she is looking great. I did have one hiccup though, when it started raining and I wanted to keep her dry. All I can say is, it's a good job I'm inventive. She is now back with her sister in the big run, cuddling up together at night in their cosy house and the make-shift chicken hospital has been dismantled.

Keeping Amelia Pond cosy and dry in the makeshift chicken hospital:-)


  1. I was scratching my head, puzzling how it had reached almost 11am at your house when it was only 10am at mine . . . then I realised it isn't Saturday today - it's SUNDAY!!! Doh! It is Sunday, isn't it?
    Anyway, I hope you got all those niggling jobs done so that today (whatever day it is!) you can sit in the sunshine and read a book without your thoughts drifting to everything that needs doing. Is the decorating on hold for the weekend? NO! Don't even think about it. xx

    1. Yes, decorating is on hold for the weekend, I can't cope with the house when it gets out of control so weekends are cleaning days. Today I will be going to the tip with a boot-full of junk and then finishing off the stuff I didn't get done yesterday so I can flop on the sofa this afternoon lol :-)

  2. That's the best chicken hospital I have ever seen! Admittedly I haven't see all that many.