28 July 2015

Scaring the Gardener and Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall

I always think it must be a bit of a shock for the people that only know me outside of my house, to actually meet me at home, in my natural environment. For the most part, when I go out and about, I dress tidily, if a little unconventionally, I usually remember to brush my hair and I am very focused on what needs to be done or bought or organised. The rest of the time, though, it's an entirely different matter. When I am at home, either relaxing or sewing or creating stuff, I like to be comfortable so I wear ratty tracksuit bottoms, full of holes from cats clawing their way onto my lap, an assortment of paint-stained t-shirts and jumpers and with either the radio or tv blaring away because I don't like to be in a quiet house, the silence drives me to distraction. My only organised activity in this mass of chaos is first thing after I get up in the morning, come rain or shine, I walk my dogs in my field in my pyjamas with a mug of tea in one hand and a slice of toast in the other.

My neighbours are all used to me wandering through to the field dressed like this and never comment except, perhaps, to remark favourably on my choice of PJ's. Not so my new gardener! I was late getting up this morning due to some strong antihistamines for my spontaneous urticaria, which has been quite bad lately and I'm now taking antihistamines every day to try and stop the episodes. The ones I took last night were strong enough to stop a charging rhino and knocked me out completely so when I leapt out of bed this morning at 8.45am, almost 2 hours later than I usually get up, the gardener caught me hopping around the patio in my PJ's doing a final poop-scoop in readiness for his visit, while on my mobile with my youngest daughter discussing the differences between serial killers and spree killers ..... a long story involving a 9 series box set of Criminal Minds and a lot of late nights! I'm hoping this hasn't scared him off. He's a very nice gentleman and I'm just hoping that it didn't freak him out too much because a good gardener is hard to find and is like gold dust 'round these parts!

Now for the dog friendly beaches. I was doing a bit of research for another guest blog post I'm writing and I came across the map I always kept on the reception desk at the holiday park where I worked. It's something I used to get asked a lot so I thought I would share the map and the link with you, in case you were venturing down to Cornwall on your hols. I don't take my dogs to the beach any more, they mostly spend their time roaming the field because my Collie is afraid of the sea and won't walk on the sand, my Dalmation gets car sick and my Malamute, has a coat so thick that he takes weeks to dry out and the sand in his coat makes him itch. Quite frankly, it's much less stressful for all concerned if we stick to the countryside, but I do know that lots of people bring their dogs to Cornwall with them and want to take them to the beach ....... our four legged friends need a holiday too right? 

There are a number of beaches that are dog friendly all year round and there are some that are dog friendly for certain parts of the year. 

If you click here, you can go to a page where you can see what all the numbered beaches are and you can download your own copy of this very very helpful map.

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