26 January 2015

Is it Spring Yet??

Wow, this is my 201st post on  my blog, I can't believe I had so much to write about :-)

There probably won't be many pictures on this post as I still have a really sore knee from a recurring ligament injury about 18 months ago and I haven't had much of a chance to get out and about. I'm sitting on the sofa watching mindless tv, my house is a mess, there are stacks of dishes in the sink that need loading into the dishwasher, the carpet is hairy because Indie is moulting all over the place and I'm grumpy because I have so much to do but I need to rest my stupid knee. I'm not very good at just sitting. I like to be doing something and there is plenty I should be doing. Still, never mind, I'm hoping that if I rest it a lot and take my pain killers, by next week it should be sorted enough to start doing stuff again. 

The weather has been crazy and all over the place this last week. One minute it's been 8 degrees and sunny like spring, the next it's minus 3 and I'm having to defrost the car before going out. The birds in my garden seem to be very happy that I'm feeding them, what with the unpredictable weather. They line up on the fence in the morning waiting for their breakfast, which made it very easy when I did my RSPB bird counting thingy this weekend. It was great fun and I will probably do it again next year. I did a lot of picture taking during the one hour slot so I could make sure that I was writing down the right birds. The trouble is, although I have a decent-ish zoom on my camera, without a tripod, which I don't have, it makes it hard to keep the camera still enough to get a decent picture. So, being ever-resourceful, I made my own stand so I could rest the camera on it to steady it enough to get a decent picture. 

If you promise not to laugh, I will show you what I used.

It's a table with a bag of cous cous on top of an upturned take-out tub on top of an upturned biscuit tin!!
Unconventional I know but it seemed to work. 
Ingenious ...... don't you think? 

I also got busy with my sewing machine last week and made some cute little bags for the market stall. I found the pattern on the internet, it was free and it is a really easy little bag to make. I did make it a bit bigger than the pattern though because I felt it was a bit small so I added an extra piece of about two inches into the pattern. 

I really like them and I hope they will prove to be a good seller on my stall. It's a difficult time of year at the market, there aren't many people around and the ones that do come to the market come for the veg and the eggs and the cakes. Unfortunately, the things on my stall don't sell very well at this time of year. I guess because people don't have much spare money after Christmas and with January being a long month and all that. 

On a much cheerier note, a friend posted this picture on my Facebook page and I thought it was very cute, although, to be honest, I don't need a starter kit, I'm already a fully paid-up member of the crazy cat lady club :-)


  1. Hello! It's nice to have found your blog! Hope your knee gets better and I'm sure your bags will sell like hot cakes - they're lovely! I particularly like the little blue bird :-) xx

  2. Love the bag with white polka dots and I'm with you on the starter kit, I got mine years ago.