1 December 2014

It Never Rains But It Pours!

You remember my post yesterday which stated, in a very irritatingly philosophical manner, that things could be worse ....... well ....... they got worse! I went to the kitchen about 8.30pm yesterday evening to put the kettle on for a nice hot cuppa, only to find that I had no water. I have been having a problem with my water treatment system, which is used to purify the drinking water we get from our borehole and when we investigated on Saturday, we fused something in the loft while we were trying to figure out what the problem was. After checking all the lights and plug sockets in the house and not finding anything wrong with them, we concluded that it must have just been the treatment system itself that had fused and that it was not a big deal because we will have to have a new system put in after Christmas anyway. Turns out, it wasn't just the treatment system that had fused, it was the water pump as well so after several kettle-fulls of water for tea throughout Saturday and Sunday and several loo flushes, the tank was empty because the pump wasn't working to fill it up. I was in a panic thinking that there might be something seriously wrong with the electrics because it's an old house and some of the wiring is a bit dodgy. It was done by the person who converted it from foundry cottages into a house about 30ish years ago and he was, shall we say, a bit of a cowboy. I was hoping and praying that it was just the fuse because I don't have the money for an expensive wiring job so I set off this morning to try and find a shop that stocked fuse box fuses of the right size in the hope that it would sort out the problem. When I got to town, I realised I had a flat tyre! I had put some air in it on Friday lunchtime because it was looking a bit deflated and it had seemed fine but by this morning, it was getting flatter by the minute and I was forced to drive to my local tyre supplier and camp out and wait for them to open so I could get them to have a look at it. It certainly looked as if today was shaping up to be a really expensive day. Fortunately, the good luck fairies were smiling on me and it turned out that my tyre didn't have a puncture, it just needed resealing around the rim of the wheel and I managed to find an awesome little hardware shop that sells absolutely everything, including ginormous fusebox fuses, which has fixed the problem of no water. I am beyond relieved. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to fix the hole in the roof that we discovered when we went into the loft at the weekend, keep boiling my drinking water until I can afford and new treatment system and keep all my fingers and toes crossed in the hope that nothing else will go wrong this week! 


  1. Don't things always seem to come at once, Kay. Thank heavens you have water once more. I would go mad if I had no water to wash & flush with :)

    1. They certainly do seem to all come at once, usually at the most inconvenient time too like just before Christmas!! I'm so glad that I have water again because no water = no washing, drinking, water for animals and no central heating in case it damages the system. I am very, very relieved :-)