22 September 2014

All Change

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything. It's been hectic here in Cornwall. My youngest daughter has gone to university and it's been chaotic with all the sorting and packing and deciding what to take and what to get rid of. Trips to the recycling centre and to various charity shops to donate things too goood to throw away and then a very long day last Sunday when we drove her up to Uni. A 500 mile round trip and 13 hours of travelling and room sorting and a fair few tears when we eventually said goodbye. I guess from now on it will be just me and the menagerie. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sad mostly but happy that she seems to be enjoying it for the most part. My middle daughter is stayed with me til Thursday, which was lovely but now I'm on my own. Weird. It's not as if I haven't been on my own for a long time now but for some reason this feels different. Still, it doesn't do to mope and wallow so best get on with things. 

Quick ..... change the subject before I start to blub!!!

I got a rude awakening last week at the market when one of the stall holders unpacked her things and they actually included some Christmas things! This lady has been doing craft fairs and market stalls very successfully for a long time and loath as I am to admit it, I have to bow to her knowledge and experience and concede that maybe it's time to start making Christmas things for my stall as well. With this in mind, I nipped to the wood shop and grabbed some planks because I have an idea to make some little wooden Christmas trees. Quite rustic with distressed green paint and garden twine garlands tied with little red and green jingle bells. or maybe painted white with silver and gold bells and maybe a little wooden star on top. And Christmas stockings. I had planned to make some last year but never really got round to doing them. It kind of caught me on the hop last year so I'm starting now in order to get a jump on it this year.

I have also booked onto a really lovely course. It's only a one day course but it's to learn how to make some really cute little mice. Here is a link to the ladies facebook page. I can't wait. We will be making some of these cute little chaps. If you live anywhere near Liskeard there might be a couple of places left.

 Sooooo gorgeous :-) watch this space for some pictures from the course. 


  1. It should be great day for you on this course. Sure you will enjoy it xx

  2. The mice are adorable! It's always hard when our children leave home, we only had one and when she left for University we were living in Turkey and she had to fly back to the States on her own, talk about crying.
    But it gets better.

  3. I've still got a small one at home but it is a lot quieter when the other returns to uni, have fun at your workshop.