6 June 2014

A Stroll by the Sea

Yesterday, amidst days and days of chilly, grey weather, there was a day filled with sunshine. The kind of beautiful day which hints that summer might not be too far away. Seventeen degrees of warm, breezy loveliness which was, quite frankly, most welcome and definitely a day for a walk by the sea. 

Usually, we avoid touristy places during the summer months but yesterday, it was nice to be able to go and wander by the sea in the lovely June sunshine.

The lovely little narrow streets in Looe. 

Looe was very badly affected by the storms earlier this year. Many properties were flooded and the damage was extensive and during one high tide, Banjo pier went from this 

To This

Yesterday, the red light on top of the pier looked like this. Such beautiful colours.

And of course, there was the necessary cream tea.


  1. A stroll by the sea does the heart and the mind a lot of good. Glad you enjoyed it xxx

  2. Beautiful, I haven't been up there for a while, must pay a visit soon before it gets too busy

  3. A wonderful walk beside the sea,it looks quite empty too! Sarah x

  4. Beautiful and my mouth is now drooling at the thought of scones and cream xxxx