21 May 2014

A Walk Down The Lane

On Monday night we had a storm. It was a humdinger of a storm and lasted about half an hour and it freaked the dogs out no end. Well, two of them anyway. Levi was quite happily snoring away in his bed while the other two were quivering like jellies on the sofa. The following morning, everything looked greener somehow, as if everything had been put through the washing machine and had a good clean. The air was cooler and fresher so I decided that as I'm marooned down here in our valley, I thought I would go for a walk and take my new camera so I could snap away like a tourist. I forgot to mention that I'm marooned down here in the depths of Cornwall. I have been without a car for about 10 days now. The MOT ran out and they couldn't fit me in for a couple of days and then it failed it's MOT and they couldn't fit me in until the 28th May to have the work done and be re-tested. As I live in the middle of nowhere, it's almost impossible to survive without a car and it was just too long to be without transport so, I rang a friend of mine who owns a garage and asked her if she could sort it out which means that although I'm still marooned, it might only be for another couple of days instead a couple of weeks. 
Anyway, I snapped away as I was walking along taking loads of pictures and getting the hang of my new camera.

 Down the lane full of bluebells and wild garlic

 Wild garlic

 My river 
One of my llamas in the distance

And this is the makeshift greenhouse I made about 2 minutes before the storm hit on Monday evening to try and stop my plants getting battered by the torrential rain that I knew was coming. It actually worked quite well and my plants survived the storm in one piece. I've actually left the greenhouse in place because although the weather is improving it's still quite chilly at night and I don't want my tomato plants get cold :-)


  1. Oh your poor car & poor you without it, hopefully it will be back on the road soon. Lovely walk there & great photos.

  2. I truly enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos! I just wish that I was right there... enjoying the beautiful scenery with my family!
    Glad to know that your plants survived the terrible weather...

  3. Such a beautiful time of year and your photos sum it up perfectly. A 'plants for sale' sign is a sure fire magnet for me! X

  4. Beautiful photos, this is my favourite time of year when the hedges are full of colour and smell of wild garlic. Hope you get your car back soon


  6. So much beauty here, and your llama is adorable!