5 March 2014

Trying Out My New Toy

Yesterday morning was a very exciting morning. My new bread machine arrived on Monday evening and yesterday morning I decided to give it a test run making a loaf of bread. 

It's fabulously easy to use and although I feel slightly as if I'm cheating by not making it completely by hand, it's a huge time saver and although my upper arms are no longer going to benefit from a daily workout, I'm sure all the lugging of bales of hay and 25kg bags of animal feed will keep the bingo wings at bay.

The resulting loaf of bread was absolutely delicious although it didn't taste any better or worse than the ones that I have pounded by hand. Today, however, is the critical test. I will be making focaccia. Both normal focaccia and gluten free and also, dairy free, gluten free focaccia. Heaven knows how that will turn out but I have been asked to make some by someone who comes to the market so I'm more than happy to give it a try. In fact the recipe actually says that if you use rice milk, it makes it dairy free so fingers crossed it turns out ok.

Finally, a taste of spring. Daffodils always cheer me up and on Saturday, a friend at the market gave me some to bring home. 

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  1. I'm glad you're having fun with it, the bread looks lovely.