27 January 2013

Ingenious Thrifty Planters

I realise that spring is quite a way off, a good couple of months really before the weather starts to improve and I can get into my garden and start planting things but that doesn't stop the urge to get planting. I don't have a greenhouse, lack of funds means that it's not really an option at the moment but I do have several unoccupied windowsills that I can fill up with seed trays. The trouble is, I never seem to have enough room so, last night, in a moment of sheer frustration at my lack of outdoor greenhouse pottering space, I was trawling the internet to find some alternative ways of starting off, and indeed growing my seeds and plants. Some can be used both indoors and out and some are for outdoor use but they are all ingenious.


This old shoe organisers can be used indoors in a sunny spot to start seeds off and then hung outdoors when the weather is warmer. It would be perfect for growing strawberries in or maybe a different herb in each compartment. Even cut and come again salad leaves, a single portion in each pocket. What a fabulous idea and one I am definitely going to be trying it this year. It has the added bonus of making it more difficult for the pesky slugs .... always a bonus in my book.

This next idea means that even if you have a tiny outdoor space you can grow some salad and maybe some strawberries, not to mention the possibility of covering the whole thing with beautiful flowers. You can get pallets from almost anywhere. Large shops often need to get rid of them and generally won't charge you or maybe charge you a pound or two. You could also paint the pallet with some outdoor paint before you plant it. Cuprinol do some fabulous colours, I painted one of my outdoor benches last year in a gorgeous pale pink colour called "Sweet Pea". There are lots of different outdoor paint companies out there now with some amazing colours so let your imagination run riot.

You can find instructions on how to make this fabulous planter here

I found this next one on the Grow Your Own magazine website. 


A friend of mine made something similar to this by simply threading the milk cartons onto a piece of wood, but putting them one facing front and one facing the back because otherwise it kind of tipped forward as it didn't have the wooden slot supports and she suspended it from the top of her polytunnel with some string tied around each end and tied over the pole that runs along the edge. She has filled it with seedlings and is saving milk carton to make some more.

This  next one I found uses lengths of old drainpipe. I love this idea of growing them in drainpipes along a wall it looks really fabulous. It is, again, something which would be ideal both for a small garden but also, for starting off thing like peas, which apparently don't like to have their roots disturbed when they are planted out. Once they are big enough to plant out, you can just simply slide the whole lot into a trench that you have dug without disturbing them. 


And one final one that I simply couldn't resist.

http://www.globalcool.org/lifestyle/recycling-ideas-lightbulb-planters-cork chairs/attachment/599256_10151048592405185_279137666_n


  1. Fabulous ideas here, I like the shoe organiser idea.
    I 'rescued' a pair of child's willies from a skip last year, so will be planting them up soon x

  2. That should have said wellies !!!!!

  3. Just love these .. what fab ideas..

    Vicky z

  4. Great ideas will definitely be growing my salad leaves in the two pieces of guttering that I have by the side of the garage xx

  5. Loving all of these ideas. Especially the milk bottle tops

  6. great ideas......love it all!!!
    have a nice week,

  7. Great ideas Kay.....love them all particularly the gumboots/wellies, they certainly are very eye catching.

    Claire :}

  8. We rescued some pieces of guttering from a skip and have been starting our peas off in them for several years. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for some slightly deeper guttering to grow lettuce in after seeing your picture - it'll make those wretched slugs work harder to get their dinner : )

  9. Can't wait to get planting now! Will be using some of these great ideas...thanks.

  10. Those are great ideas. Do you think the milk jug idea would work for an herb garden? I've never planted one, but intend to this year.

  11. I love all those wonderful ideas the pallett one looks so pretty. I have tried growing in drainpipes, but have always problems when it has come to transplanting them. Last time we visited Eden they also had salad plants planted in unusual containers including a pair of stiletto shoes.
    Sarah x