29 November 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Where has this week gone? The time is going so quickly and I'm starting to panic slightly about Christmas which is galloping towards me at great speed, but, nevertheless, it's once again Thrifty Thursday.

I think I probably mentioned that at the moment, I'm decorating my house. It's usually a job I quite enjoy but the ceilings are driving me a bit mad at the moment! I have to confess to being an extremely messy painter so I cover everything liberally with old sheets. My biggest problem though is that I always buy paint in bulk from my local discount store, Trago Mill, because it's much cheaper and much better value but the downside is that it comes in really really big containers. When I'm painting the ceiling, I use 3 chairs which I put in a line so I can walk from chair to chair while I'm painting which is easier than having to get down and move the ladder every five minutes. Unorthodox I know but it works for me and they seem to be steadier than step ladders, which I have a habit of falling off! So the problem with such a huge tub of paint is that I either have to lug the tub from chair to chair or I need to pour a smaller amount into a container. 

Anyway, I used to have a paint kettle, a small metal pot to decant the paint into, but it went walkabout and I have no idea where it went so rather than spend money on a new one, I found an ingenious use for my old milk cartons. By cutting off the spout part of the carton and leaving the handle intact, it makes a perfect pot for my paint, with a handy handle still attached making it easier to hold onto while painting the ceiling. In addition to this, it avoids the messy clean-up when I finish painting because I can just throw the carton away.

In true Blue Peter tradition, here is one I made earlier, it's just waiting to be filled with paint so I can carry on painting.

I also have one further brilliant idea for using plastic milk cartons, something useful for growing things, but that will have to wait until I have saved enough cartons to complete it so ........ watch this space.


  1. I've just finished decorating my living room, but for the ceiling, I used a roller with an extension pole. Much safer than climbing on ladders or chairs ;)
    Great idea about the milk carton paint pot - I shall certainly use that one. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, meant to add - with the roller, I use a tray and you decant your paint into that, so saves the problem of moving the huge tin of paint round the room. (I'm also a Trago fan but usually wait until I need a few things until I make the journey from my village.
    Have you ever gone to Trago without buying something that 's NOT on your list? I haven't!

  3. Hi Rambler, I wish I could use a pole with a roller it would make life so much easier but unfortunately the hideous artex on the ceiling means that it's not possible because it doesn't cover properly and I end up having to do it twice. And no I can't ever remember going to Trago and only buying what's on the list lol. I love Trago :-)

  4. Hi Kay, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Thank you for your kind comments. I have added you to my blog list and will be dropping by regularly to catch up with you! Karla xxx

  5. What an inventive person you are Kay, well done!Good luck with it all!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The plain linens (100% linen)I usually get from eBay, and thats also where I found the japanese floral linens (they have a bit of cotton mixed in). Try searching under zakka as it usually brings up the japanese linens. They are so soft and pretty and kind of stone washed, you will love them. I tend to buy a set of small pieces apporx 8 or 9" square which you can make quite a lot from - they are quite expensive per metre.
    Hope this helps!
    Gill xx