15 November 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Right, I have decided that in light of the fact that I'm not very keen on the word "frugal", from now on, I will be moving "Frugal Friday" to "Thrifty Thursday". I think it's more in keeping with my way of life and the environmental ethos I follow so, this weeks Thrifty Thursday is a Christmas idea. I love the build-up to Christmas, I love the whole sending cards, and decorating the house and looking forward to a Christmas with family around. It's not about the money and how much gets spent, Christmas doesn't have to be expensive and it really is about the thought that goes into the cards and gifts that we give. 

This year, we are having a home-made Christmas and I have to say, I'm really looking forward to it. I am making my own Christmas cards this year and I'm also going to be making my own Christmas decorations too. I really wanted some Christmas bunting this year but I didn't have any Christmassy fabric and I don't have any spare cash to go and buy any so, in my crafty stash, I found some Christmas wrapping paper that I had left over from last year (I always seem to have too much wrapping paper!). I cut strips of paper double the height of the flags I wanted to make and then folded it in half lengthways. I then cut flag shapes from the paper with the fold at the top of the paper. Fold the flag over a piece of cord or string (I used some cord that I had left over from making roman blinds last year) and and glue the two sides together. Leave them somewhere flat to dry and Voila ....... Christmas bunting for just a few pennies :-)


  1. What a great idea. The Anne's looks terrific, definitely one I am going to copy. Thank you x

  2. That was supposed to say banner! X