18 November 2012

The First Frost of the Year and a Garden Tidy-Up.

Where I live, in Cornwall, the weather so far this year has been all over the place. The summer was a total washout, it rained almost non-stop from about April to September, caused by the shifting Jet Stream (you can read about it on my post here), the garden was so full of slugs and snail that all my vegetable patch ended up being was an a la carte picnic for the greedy little buggers and now, when the weather should be turning wintery and cold with sharp frosts and air cold enough to make your nose go red, it's been just dank and grey and drizzly and not very wintery at all. This morning, however, I got up to a lovely crisp frost and piercingly blue skies with a lovely glimpse of the sun. I love days like this. I don't mind the cold, in fact I prefer very cold and sunny to damp and dismal because at least I can get out into my garden and attempt to put right the months of neglect caused by such an awful summer.

My garden is a mess. That's the only way I can describe it. I follow some fabulous gardening blogs and I'm a member of UK Veg Gardeners, a brilliant site for all things garden related and full of people with the most amazing gardens and allotments and when I read their blogs I just have no idea how they do it. It should be so easy for me to keep my garden tidy, well maintained and weed free with so much time on my hands but in my defence, it's very difficult to mow the lawn in the rain with my teeny tiny electric lawn mower without risking life and limb and electrocution. There is also only so much gardening in the pouring rain that I can tolerate before I give up and go inside for a cup of tea and a cake! Rain dripping down my neck while battling enormous, slimy molluscs is not how I like to spend an afternoon in my garden!

No rain today though. So today is a gardening day. The inside jobs will have to wait. While there is sun in the sky and it's not raining I will be pottering in my garden trying to take back control of the chaos and get it back to how it was before the summer.

I did get slightly side-tracked by the gorgeous frost covered plants though :-)


  1. Can't wait to be home for Christmas :) Beautiful Photo's :) x

  2. ive been catching up on your postings! you are right about the frost i had it here in devon and i was saying to my twin about it- wonderful photographs! lovely blog x

  3. Hi Kay, It's lovely to meet you. Your pictures of the frost look wonderful, I hope it didn't do too many damage. We haven't had any yet!
    Sarah x

  4. Lovely pictures, touch wood we haven't had a real frost yet. I am dreading it, as I hate driving to work in the frost xxx

  5. We had frost too in the Midlands. I was woken up by an unexpected noise and it took me a while to register that the CH had come on with the frost stat for the first time this year.