23 November 2012

Inspiration For My Piano

I mentioned in my last blog post that after I have grappled with the living room ceiling I am going to paint my piano. It's a very old, very battered and very out of tune upright piano, which was bought by my ex mother-in-law for about £40 about 12 years ago for my kids to play on when they were younger. It's been moved several times since then and it's not been tuned for years and no-one has ever really played it but, it will apparently cost a fair bit to get someone to come and take it away and quite honestly, it looks nice with my family photos on top of it and it fills up my living room, which is quite big. It's just very very ugly, although there is a very beautiful inlaid rose with gorgeous leaves which I am planning to pick out in a different colour.

To be fair, it's looking a little more battered than usual at the moment because it's really dusty from all the furniture moving I have been doing while painting the ceiling and also because I didn't bother to cover it while I was painting and it got a few splodges of paint on it but as I'm painting it anyway it won't really matter.

This is the beautiful inlaid rose that I'm going to pick out in a different colour.

Sooooo in order to get some inspiration, I was looking on-line to find some ideas and I have come across some really awesome painted pianos. I'm hoping to mix some Annie Sloane Chalk Paint to get the perfect colour and I was thinking of painting it a lovely muted French Grey, I thought it would look nice against the newly painted white walls but then I found these pictures and now I'm not so sure. I really love them ...... What do you think?






  1. I love the colour of the last one, a more subtle one than the others, which I think is necessary when you have such a large, solid object as a piano.

    How will you isolate the stencilled rose so that you can repaint it?
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished piano.

  2. I won't need to isolate the rose, I will paint over the whole thing with the base colour and then paint the rose colour on top of that because it's not a stencil, it's actually inlaid in a different colour wood and it's a slightly different height to the rest of the wood so I will be able to see the outline. That's the plan anyway ..... fingers crossed :-)

  3. Aha, I see. That makes it a lot easier - though still quite a task. Fingers crossed here, too! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, thankyou for sharing these images! I too have a grim old piano which I was thinking of getting rid of as none of us play although it gets used at Christmas, but its so dark brown. I would never have thought of painting it (although i paint virtually everything else that doesnt move!) so will be very interested to see how yours comes out!