30 September 2012

Oh No ...... No More Car Booty

Well today was a sad day indeed. It was the last car boot sale of the season. I have no idea what I am going to do without my Sunday morning car boot sales and bacon butties until next April when one of them starts up again. The other, alas, doesn't start up until the middle of July, until the farmer has managed to get his hay cut and that all depends on the weather! I did grab a couple of bargains though. I found a lovely blue woollen blanket for £2.00 from the car boot sale near Looe for Levi, my Dalmation to snuggle up in this winter and a gorgeous hand painted teapot from the car boot sale at Kernow Mill, also for £2.00, which will look lovely on my dresser when I have finished transforming it with the amazing Annie Sloan paint.

There was also an added bonus at the Kernow Mill sale. A lovely old gentleman with his owls. I love owls. At night, when I take the dogs out, there seems to be hundreds of hooting, tooting, screeching owls in the trees all around my house and I love hearing them. I have also seen them on several occasions swooping silently down the valley on the hunt for mice. 

The owls were absolutely gorgeous, so soft and fluffy, particularly the little brown fluffy one sat on his perch with his little grey friend. The owls travel around the county in the back of a white transit van which has been fitted out with perches. 

The little grey owl in the picture above is apparently a burrowing owl! So cool. I was chatting to another old gentleman who told me he and his wife had 3 owls of their own. A barn owl, a little grey burrowing owl and one like the one with tufty ears in the third picture above. Lucky man. I have cats, dogs and llamas and soon there will be chickens and in our time we have a whole host of other animals such as  rats, hamsters, gerbils, ducks and rabbits but nothing so glorious as an owl. 
I have owl envy :-)

One final note. When I nipped back into Launceston yesterday to pick up the rest of my Annie Sloan Paint, I discovered that there are lots of nice charity shops in the town and basically I can't walk past a charity shop without taking a peek. I know it's rather early to be mentioning Christmas but the simple fact is, that if I don't start preparing for it now, it just sneaks up on me and I end up running around like a lunatic getting stressed and frazzled and not very Christmassy at all. Each year, we have a different colour theme on our Christmas tree. Last year year it was gold and silver and the year before it was fuchsia pink, turquoise and Lime green (sounds yucky but it looked absolutely awesome) but this year I was struggling to figure out what colour to do. Until I spotted these in a Launceston charity shop.

I got 7 reindeer tumblers, 8 cotton napkins embroidered with reindeer and a fabulous table runner for the amazing price of £9.50. So, this year, our Christmas theme is red and white with probably a hint of glitter and glitz thrown in for good measure. 


  1. Lovely finds ... The teapot is gorgeous!

    I love owls too, once held one called Cuddles who snuggled up to your face!

    I really like the reindeer tumblers, they are something you can get out year after year, but always be surprised when you see them xxx

  2. Is the kernow mill car boot on Dec 2nd do you know?

  3. Hi Anonymous I have checked and yes the car boot sale is on at Kernow Mill on the 2nd December :-)