26 June 2012

Everything Stops For Pimms ......

Well, it's officially one of my favourite times of the year ..... Wimbledon :-) I love tennis and have even, on occasion, been known to knock a ball around a court if the mood descends and every year, around mid June, I begin to feel the tingle of excitement that I get at the prospect of watching my favourite sport on TV ...... all day ....... for a blissful two weeks. It all starts with Queens, my first glimpse of grass court tennis and a teasing taster of things to come and although Andy Murray went out in the first round this year and many of the 'big' names seemed conspicuous by their absence, I still spent a blissful week getting re-acquainted with all my favourite players and checking out this years crop of new faces. Wimbledon, however is the highlight of the sporting year in my opinion. I love Wimbledon ...... I love the tradition, the strawberries and cream and the jug of Pimms which are, I find, essential accompaniments for watching an exciting tennis match. I love the Britishness of it all and the way the crowd gets behind the players, particularly the underdogs and I love the fact that, for me, Wimbledon is the beginning of summer. This year, however, the weather is awful down here in Cornwall. It's rainy, grey and chilly and as a result, for the start of Wimbledon 2012, instead of windows and patio doors flung wide open with curtains fluttering on a warm breeze holding a luscious glass of ice cold Pimms, I am cuddled up on the sofa with a dog asleep on my feet and a steaming mug of home-made soup. C'est la vie, Andy Murray begins his Wimbledon battle for the Wimbledon title this afternoon on Centre Court, yesterday Heather Watson won a blistering match against Iveta Benesova beating her 6-2, 6-1 and becoming the first British woman to win a match on Centre Court since Jo Durie in 1985 and I still have another 11 days of wonderful tennis to be watched. What more could a girl ask for :-)

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